Affiliated Ministries

Eagles’ Wings
Buffalo Office Address: PO Box 450 Clarence, NY 14031

Eagles’ Wings is a global missional community based outside of Buffalo, NY, with hubs in the New York City area; Karlsruhe, Germany; and Jerusalem, Israel. Our diverse network of relationships spans the globe, and includes nearly 40 full-time team members and an international family of partners, volunteers, and friends.

Our team serves together to touch Israel and impact the nations of the world with the hope that comes from the God of love, to train the next generation of Christian leaders, and to unite and empower believers to make a positive difference in the world around them.

Our community is guided by our founder, Dr. Robert Stearns, and led by various community members who give oversight to different areas, such as our leadership team, community life team, and spiritual life team.

GTM (Jim Peters)
Address: P.O. Box 501550 Indianapolis, IN 46250

The members of GTM have been progressive in culturally sensitive music and comedy since their inception. Having originated the term “Musicianaries,” they recognized that comedy, worship and quality music can be a serious force behind evangelism and church planting. Their humor sure becomes a wicked tool to open people’s hearts to hear the amazing things they have to share. They have been called upon from all over the world to train national musicians for saturation evangelism. Jim, Deb and Lavon were contributing delegates to The Global Consultation On World Evangelization (GCOWE ’95) in Seoul, Korea– a congress of 4,000 Christian leaders from 200 countries

Elim Bible Institute
Address: 7245 College St. Lima, NY 14485

Elim is more than just a Bible School. It’s a time when you can delve into God’s Word and find life-changing insights. It’s an opportunity to discover new freedom in worship. It’s a place where you can find wholeness for your life. We’re pleased to host an Elim Buffalo campus right here at The Tabernacle – so you can even begin your Biblical studies without leaving the Buffalo area!

Address: Deila Music, P.O. Box 16454 Mobile, Al 36616

“She Doesn’t Walk, She Soars” – read New York’s Daily News article headline, describing the ministry of song in Delia. She is a true inspiration to all those that come in contact with her ministry, be it by television, radio, periodicals or in person. Delia has received accolades from her peers – the likes of Gospel Great Shirley Caesar have said, “Delia sings better from this wheelchair than most of us do standing up!” International Gospel Artist Alvin Slaughter is quoted, “Delia ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit with a strong message that gets to the heart and it’s reflected in her singing. She has an incredible testimony and every song is a sermon.”

Teen Challenge

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